Directions to Lab

We are located on the first floor of the Smith Building, room 107, on the main campus of UNC Chapel Hill. (Click map for a sharper image.)



We recommend parking at one of the parking decks on Rosemary St. (1 block north of Franklin St.), or at a meter on Franklin St. Visitor parking may also be available in the Morehead Planetarium lot on the south side of Franklin St. (but sometimes that lot is full). You will be reimbursed for your parking costs.

Walking directions from Franklin St. to the Smith Building

  • If you parked on Rosemary, make your way to Franklin St. and cross it
  • From the south side of Franklin St. walk into the campus via either the alley next to Carolina Coffee Shop or the sidewalk between Sugarland/Bank of America and the church.
  • Continue walking south towards Cameron Ave. and you will see a parking lot in front of you (Swain Lot).
  • Continue straight ahead past Hill Hall (on left) and the Hanes Art Center (on right).
  • The Smith Building is a small brick building on your left, immediately adjacent to the parking lot and before you reach Cameron Ave.
  • Proceed to room 107 (at end of building closer to Franklin St.).

Walking directions from Morehead lot to Smith Building

  • Facing away from Franklin St., head southwest, cutting across McCorkle place diagonally until you reach Smith (just before the Swain lot).
  • Alternatively, walk straight away from Franklin St. until you reach Cameron Ave., and turn right. Keep walking until you reach the Swain lot, and turn right. Smith is the first building you will see.

Directions to UNC

from Durham:

  • Take 15/501 South towards Chapel Hill
  • When the road forks and you see a sign indicating “Franklin St.”, bear right onto Franklin St.
  • Go up the windy hill towards campus and downtown Chapel Hill.
  • To get to Rosemary St. (parking), turn right at either Boundary or Hillsborough St., then left on Rosemary (1st block). Parking decks are before you reach Columbia.
  • Or proceed along Franklin St. and look for a meter spot.

from Pittsboro:

  • Take 15/501 North towards Chapel Hill
  • Continue going straight as the road you are on turns into Columbia Rd. (DO NOT EXIT TO STAY ON 15/501 N)
  • To get to Rosemary St. or Franklin St. (parking) continue going straight past the campus. Columbia crosses both of these streets and there is a traffic light at each one.
  • Turn right on either Franklin or Rosemary.

from Hillsborough:

  • Take new NC 86 heading south towards Chapel Hill
  • NC 86 becomes Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
  • Continue heading south; MLK Jr. Blvd becomes Columbia.
  • To get to Rosemary St. or Franklin St. (parking) turn left on either street from Columbia.