Information for Parents

We strive to make our studies fun and enjoyable for children! We also believe that what we learn from our studies will eventually help children with language or other cognitive disorders become better able to communicate. So, your child has fun and we learn something useful–everyone wins!

Our lab is outfitted with child-friendly decor, crayons and coloring books, children’s books, puzzles and toys. Children are welcome to use these things while they are visiting us. Sometimes children arrive for a study and aren’t ready to participate right away. That’s okay! We can play for a while and see if they get interested as they become more comfortable with us. And if not, that’s okay too! We are grateful to all the families who visit us, even if children don’t end up participating.

Sometimes children start participating and then change their mind. Children are always free to end the study whenever they want. And of course, parents or other caregivers are welcome to remain with their child at all times.

All of our studies go through a review process through the UNC Institutional Review Board (IRB), and you will be asked to sign a consent form before your child participates. If you have any questions about this process you are encouraged to talk to the researcher or contact the IRB (919-966-3113).

If you are interested in having your child participate in one of our studies, please contact Dr. Becker (see Contact tab above).